Robert Smith III, Co-Founder, CEO and Chairman
Mr. Smith has a degree in Computer Science and accounting from Columbia Commercial College and has served as President of three successful companies. Mr. Smith spent 18 years in banking software development and implementation which serviced over 100 banks nationwide using IBM and NCR mainframe computers and ( Robert Smith Holdings, Inc.), owner and operator of factory assembling micro-computers which were sold to Home Shopping Network, Sears, DaMark, Montgomery Ward and many other retailers for resale. Also, through international sales channels, shipped thousands of computers all over the world. In 1996, Mr. Smith built the first pre-pay telephone switch while writing and launching software for the first pre-paid cellular telephone platform offering prepaid cellular phone service to ACOG the communications division of the 1996 Atlanta, Ga. Olympics. After the Olympics he was part of a sign up of over 19,000 pre-paid customers within the first year (Prepaid Phone Services, Inc.). Mr. Smith also installed his pre-paid cellular switches and software platforms in La Paz, Bolivia for Italian phone company INTEL for $850,000 and install same in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Mr. Smith has over 30 years of experience in the import/export industry and has traveled worldwide most of his life throughout China, Russia, Ukraine, Republic of Georgia, Central America, Mexico, Brazil, Bolivia, Honduras and other South America countries. Mr. Smith has the exemplary business skills to direct the operations of SC Hemp Cooperative, LLC, with primary emphasis on streamlining operations, contract development as well as continued development of the latest technologies and implementation of those technologies in a time efficient manner.

Lyle Jensen, Co-Founder, Director and Advisor Mr. Jensen a graduate of Simpson College in Business & Accounting. Following college, he entered Rockwell International’s Financial Fast-Trak program and advanced quickly in financial and program management with Rockwell-Collins Avionics divisions becoming the youngest promoted General Manager of a Rockwell subsidiary that became a market leader in the design and production of high-tech multilayer printed circuit boards. After ten years with Rockwell International, Korn Ferry presented a senior executive opportunity with Interconics to move into a much larger operation which included building and testing printed circuit boards for IBM’s personal computer division in Boca Raton, Fl. Under Mr. Jensen’s leadership, the company profitably grew annual revenues from $20m to $120m in just a few years. From there, Mr. Jensen accepted progressive C-Suite executive positions as President or CEO of private and public companies in electronic manufacturing services, automotive aftermarket services, tire recycling, and alternative energy. A demonstrated successful track record has included start-ups, joint ventures, restructuring, financial turnarounds, acquisitions, divestitures, and multi-site management. Mr. Jensen has been successful in raising capital thru venture capital start-ups, middle-market growth funds, OTCQB small-cap and NASDAQ public companies. Mr. Jensen grew up in Iowa where he was part of a multi-generational agricultural family that produced corn, soybeans and hay.

Billy Styles, Certified Master Gardener
If Billy Styles has a little dirt under his fingernails, it means he’s having a pretty good day. Billy grew up in the dirt literally, by helping on his family’s 1500-acre family farm in the Appalachian Mountains. The work was long and hard for a five year old, but Billy never minded. He was exactly where he wanted to be, placing a single plant into the earth with one hand while sweeping the hole closed with other, as he crept through the fields on a platform behind the family’s tractor.

Billy is passionate about dirt and all the things that grow in it. He now holds several professional certifications, among them turf grass professional, clean stream administrator and certified Master Gardner. Billy is a highly regarded ambassador for growing everything better through mineralized organics. He’s also a fifth generation farmer, horticultural researcher, organic product developer and the founder of People’s Choice Organics. His decades of field experience and research have given him a unique understanding and perspective of what it takes to successfully promote health and vitality in all species of plants.

Quite simply, Billy has a gift for growing, and he also has a passion for teaching and educating people on how to grow with Mother Nature in mind. The farm and America’s landscapes have been Billy’s laboratory and proving grounds for over 50 years. It is his personal mission and responsibility to take this lifetime of knowledge and to educate the growing public on sustainable techniques for growing healthier more vibrant plants.

In addition, Billy’s knowledge and passion for growing has made him a sought after expert within the realm of organic products, their development and use. He is a renowned speaker and lecturer on the topic, as well as a radio and television personality and is regularly called upon for his unique perspective of what it takes to successfully promote health and vitality in all species of plants. He is often featured as a keynote speaker at regional and national agricultural shows, gardening expos, home shows and garden clubs.

“The foundation of all plant health begins with the soil. As a farmer, I have experienced first hand the decline of the American Landscape, as man began to manipulate the soils through chemical and artificial means. It’s time to change that,” says Styles. Now, growers of all skill levels can take advantage of Billy’s knowledge, expertise and the revolutionary products. Healthy soil, healthy plants and healthy people!!

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