How You Can Be An Investor In Farmland Assets
and Share Profits From An Industrial Hemp Farm

how you make money with farmland assets

The security token holder will have shared ownership in one of the most valuable assets in the world – productive agricultural land that, over the years, has only gained in value. In addition to shared ownership in a valuable real estate asset, the security token holder will be eligible for any Company approved dividends derived from the harvest and profits of the various industrial grade hemp crops.



Your Farmland Token Investment secures your ownership in excellent Southeastern United States farm land.

You can secure profits from the production and processing of hemp on the land. Farmland Assets Token Investors will own good farm land but will also share in the profits from the ongoing yearly sales of hemp grown on their land. This is one of the most secure asset investments because land will go up in value as the world population grows. Farm land is a true and valuable asset which cannot be moved or stolen and will generate profits for many years. Your investment can be passed down by owners to their families for generations to come. Each Farmland Token owned by you the Investor represents an ownership position in the farm land itself and the respective productivity of your share from that land.

industrial overview

The expected explosive growth of industrial hemp-related markets in the United States comes from the recent passage of the federal Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018.


The Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018 also known as the 2018 Farm Bill formally removed hemp-derived products from Schedule 1 status under the Controlled Substance Act and legalized the production of industrial hemp as an agricultural commodity.

South Carolina has been very active in creating state legislation to advance the growing and processing of industrial hemp. In 2017, the South Carolina governor signed a bill into law legalizing the cultivation of industrial hemp for research purposes per the pilot program provisions provided in the federal 2014 Farm Bill. The bill allowed up to 40 farmers to cultivate up to 40 acres each of industrial hemp. In March-2019, a new state bill was signed into law which expands on the number of growers that can participate in the state’s hemp program and the amount of acreage they can grow. Under the new arrangement, all approved applicants will be permitted to grow an unlimited number of acres of industrial hemp starting in 2020. South Carolina has the ideal soil and climate to grow the best quality industrial hemp in the nation which will help replace some of the lost benefits from reduced tobacco production. South Carolina is expected to be a major grower of thousands of acres of industrial hemp within the Company’s five-year business plan.

This security token offering provides an opportunity to be an early participant in what is expected to be a world-wide macro-market shift in industrial grade hemp production. The United States will transition from historically being a record net importer of industrial grade hemp products to becoming the leading producer and exporter. Market timing is everything and Farmland Assets, Inc. is at the right time and the right place to meet the pending explosive demand for U.S. based industrial hemp products.

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This security token offering provides an opportunity to be an early participant in what is expected to a world-wide macro-market shift in industrial grade hemp production.