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Who is Farmland Assets

What Farmland Assets does for its Token Investment Holders.

Farmland Assets, Inc. uses your investment in Farm Land Tokens to purchase top quality farm land in the Southeastern United States. The Southeastern United States is the Silicon Valley for growing excellent hemp. That is due primarily to perfect soil, good year round average temperatures and abundant rainfall. Currently farm land in the Southeastern United States can be purchased at an excellent price. Hemp is an attractive product bringing many times the profit returns
of conventional crops such as tobacco, cotton, corn and soybeans.
Our plan is to purchase 3,000 acres of farm land in the Southeastern United States.

Due to the rich soil, temperate climate and abundant rainfall, growers in the Southeastern United States can produce two harvests a year.


On this land we will grow hemp Seeds for growing hemp seedlings as
starter plants. We then plant the starter seedlings in the growing fields. In the farmland of the Southeastern United States we can grow and harvest 2 crops each year.

We then grow and harvest the industrial hemp for the purpose of extracting CBD oil and decording the hemp fiber. Fiber from the hemp plant has many different uses, such as making hemp plastic, textile hemp cloth and building materials such as hardwood flooring, Hemp hurd is used for high R-Factor insulation in homes and commercial construction. Hemp has over 2,100 different uses from medicinal treatments to the manufacture of cars.


product details

Farmlands Assets Will Have the Unique Ability To Produce Many Different Revenue Streams From Hemp Plants.

State Departments of Agriculture emphasize growers will need to decide on planting and harvesting one or more of three different
hemp crops:

Stalk Fiber   •   Grain/Seeds   •   CBD Oil


  • Stalk Fiber: 
    *Very dense plant population compared to grain/seed and floral plantings.
    *Desire tall plants with small stalk and less leafy material.
    *Bast is the “bark” of long outer fibers.
    *Bast fibers produce textiles, clothes, twine, rope, tarps, carpet, molded products
    *Hurd (shives) is the core or inner woody material.
    *Hurd shives produce paper products, ldg.. materials, and animal bedding.
  • Grain/Seeds:
    *Hemp seed can be consumed in food products and food supplements. Hemp oil from seeds can be found in cooking oil, salad dressings, pasta, and personal hygiene products such as soap, shampoo, and cosmetics. Technical products from hemp oil include oil paints, solvents, lubricants, putty, coatings, and fuel.
  • CBD Oil:
    *Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural component of industrial cannabis
    or hemp.
    *CBD oil is made from flowers, leaves and stalks of hemp and not from its seeds like hemp oil.
    *Proponents of CBD oil claim it can treat a variety of health and wellness issues.

Inc. Magazine (August 2014) named the CBD industry as the number one industry to pay attention to..

To understand the market, consumers, as well as distribution methods, we have studied the uses of hemp/CBD and its legal structure in the U.S. There are thousands of known uses for industrial hemp-based products, most of which were used in past and were replaced by cotton, petroleum/oil, concrete, corn and soybeans. We believe the market potentially represents billions of dollars in worldwide product sales. The Company will focus on products that we believe will have the greatest positive environmental impact, profitability and ease to market. These tend to be new, innovative products as well as the replacement of raw base materials for products that exist today, such as foods and nutritional supplements.

Hemp-based products are expected to grow at a 14.4% compound annual growth rate for the next five years. The market revenues are estimated to be $1.9 billion by 2022.

farmland assets and the us based market for hemp

The Company’s Business Plan is to strategically plant different acreage to different industrial hemp crops for diversification of revenue and optimized profitability tied to end-market demands. The South Carolina
agricultural land has excellent soil characteristics to grow all three versions of industrial hemp plants.

  • Farming/Agronomy Facts:
    *Seed germination in 2-5 days depending on temperature.

    *Average 120 growing days to harvest.
    *Little to no pesticides/herbicides needed.
    *Resilient to drought.
    *Once established – little to no field maintenance
    *Use conventional equipment & labor for planting & harvesting.
  • Environmental Benefits:
    *Deep tap root and broadcast seeding helps soil aeration.

    *Bio-accumulator: absorbs heavy-metals and toxins in soil.
    *Minimal fertilizer requirements.
    *One third to one half he water requirements compared to corn.



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Your Farmland Token investment secures your ownership in excellent Southeastern United States farm land. That investment secures profits from the production and processing of industrial hemp.